Walk 7 – Sandwick to Cunningsburgh

Sandwick to Cunningsburgh

12th February 2012

Showers, force 1/2. Had an earlier start this morning (about 10.40 a.m.), gave the Brass Band a miss, as I need to focus on my college project more. Had a bit of an ‘iffy’ Friday and beginning to feel a little snowed under with work, so the walk was more than welcome.

Beautiful day, though I did get rained on right in the middle of painting – interesting results and I managed to keep the next ones dry.

Decided to leave the road below Hoo Field and climb above the road up to the White Stane before turning towards Catpund. This forms part of old Viking soapstone workings – and is still evident in the excavated grassy mounds and by the holes in the steatite by the burn. It is a really pretty place and one of those little gems of a place you pass in the car, dying to get out and visit, but never quite getting around to it. I was delighted to sit by the burn and paint before heading down the hill and over the road heading towards Mail.

Decided to go by the Mail beach and off the road for a little way before walking by the cemetery. The light at this point was exquisite, and with a dark blue/grey sky as a background I managed to get a few good photos. By the time I got to North Voxter, my very special tea man turned up to take me home.

I took more time this week meandering over fields and diddling along the beach, so I was kind of surprised to find how time had evaporated. Maybe I’m simply in need of standing staring time!

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