Walk 8 – Cunningsburgh to Fladdabister

Through Cunningsburgh to Levenwick
February 19th 2012

Occasional snow showers, wind varying from force 1/2 gusting to about 4. A little snow underfoot and icy to begin with.  Started about 10.45 a.m. from North Voxter and ambled along the road towards Aith. Did manage to sketch a couple of times but I didn’t feel like painting today, stopped at a bus stop for the first sketch, and cheated and used the car (on my tea break) for the other. Fabulous skies and occasional bursts of sun made the snow sparkle and the scenery glow.

Used to run this route when training for the half marathons, so it was interesting to see the number of new houses that have sprung up the last few years, strange to see the changes of design and size next to the old ruined crofts, and there are plenty of these around Cunningsburgh. Fladdibister has a very interesting old settlement with apparently Dutch influenced/ styled buildings.

After passing Aithsetter and another cup of tea, I decided to carry on through Fladdibister. I should have stopped and sketched here as the sun was out and it was sheltered but I was feeling a bit tired, so I will have to come back again in the summer and try again, as well as walking some of the coastline.


© Copyright Diane Garrick