11th March – Walk 11

South of Gulberwick to Scalloway – Damp, mild. Medium to strong south-westerly winds  – force 5 up to occasional force 6/7. East to West today, and a bit more sensory immersion this morning. Probably picked up the tail end of last night’s gale, although it wasn’t that bad, it was quite hard work walking into the wind.

This is the kind of weather where seeing is a bit of a problem if you sport spectacles, and the noise of the wind through and around the material in my cap was pretty relentless. Tactile? …oh yes, the wind was either pulling me forward or pushing me back, and the smirry rain was more like fine shot blasting. Not the easiest way of getting a rosy complexion.

It was a little damp when I set off from the Gulberwick junction at about 7.50 a.m. –  little sign of life and not many cars, so it was nice walking. Detoured down to the Gulberwick beach briefly and wandered among the rock pools. I always expect to see them teaming with life, but at least there were a few limpets, winkles and sea anemones.

Decided to go up through North Shurton, with Catkins and daffodils beginning to surface in some of the gardens maybe Spring is on its way, although I suppose it will be a little while before the land greens up. Then up by the old road round Hollander’s Knowe where I managed to find an old corrugated iron shelter where (from inside) I managed a very quick painted impression of the landscape and some colour swatches of the wonderful range of rusty colours in the shed.

By the time I had struggled against the wind down the ‘Black Gaet’, turned towards Scalloway and reached the Scord quarry, my faithful tea man turned up and I must admit that this was the most welcome cuppa ever. Successfully steaming up the car, I only had  time to do a quick sketch before visibility was obscured totally.

Back out in the ‘fresh air’ I decided to head for Scalloway in the hope that next week might be a little nicer for the Tingwall valley. Scalloway is great to paint draw and photograph especially down by the pier. It is such a rambling space with great colour and smells but I was ready to go home by this time so took a few snaps instead.

Reading about walking artists at the moment. Hamish Fulton would probably sum up my walking impressions like this:


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