25th March – Walk 13

Laxfirth to Nesting junction.   Surprising – out of the steekit fog in Lerwick to the swirly light mist (that allows the sun shine through) in Laxfirth. Thought it was 9.00 am, wondered why there were so many people about :P, About force 1-2 and quite warm when the sun managed through. Brilliant walking day. Managed some colour palettes but didn’t do any full sketches or paintings. I will need to get my previous ‘quick work’ scanned shortly!

Parked at the bottom of the Laxfirth straight, and walked up to the quarry, amazing seeing the difference a week makes at this time of year. A real spring feel, wonderful bird song, larks singing most of the walk as well as the shrill sound of the whaps, and an interesting light that came and went the whole time, which had a very softening effect on the landscape. Memories of walking with my mother in the Spring came flooding back, prompted by the sight and smell of new growth in the protected nooks and crannies and in some of the gardens.

Walking without a hat or waterproof breeks on this week felt better, it was so nice to stand and listen without a constant wind noise or walk without the rustle of waterproof clothes. Couldn’t really get far from the main road from Girlsta to the Nesting junction, and the old map I had didn’t show the possible Girlsta loop? Will have to check this out next week. It wasn’t at all dull walking along the main road, there was always some little colour detail, plant, or little waterfall or rocky outcrop that provided a source of interest, so before I knew it, I had walked (well mostly), for about two and three quarter hours. After my favourite tea man turned up and shared a refreshing cuppa, another seven minutes walking took me to the Nesting junction.

We drove back via the Westside and stopped at the Bonhoga Gallery for a look at the Jane Wallace exhibition which features digital jewellery with deep personal significance, whether a hand held mirror which produces an image that is digitally transmitted from a monogrammed handkerchief, or a specially crafted piece of jewellery with reference to  memory for Alzheimer patients, there is a particularly emotional content embedded in new technology in her well curated exhibition. Rather too much to read however with my slightly impatient tea man waiting … will need to come back!


© Copyright Diane Garrick