Walk 10 – Fladdabister – South Gulberwick

4th March 2012

North Fladdabister to South Gulberwick – Dry, cold. Variable light winds,  force 2 to about 4.  An early start this morning with the aim to finish with plenty of time to get some work done,  teach, visit Amy and attend evening concert of Sibelius, Britten and Stout. So Erika aboard (but no supportive tea- man : (     – it was a little early) I left the house at 8.15 a.m.

It was a little dull this morning, so I spent the first couple of miles seeking little splashes of colour in the landscape or in the vegetation. I thought this walk might be a bit more of a main road walk, but I managed to use the old road more than I had hoped. I started by taking a quick hike over the water-logged ground to the wind turbine at North Fladdabister and then over to the rocky outcrops to get a good view North and East, decided I wouldn’t take the cliff walk this time and just stick to the road.

An easy walk to Quarff, so I decided I would wander down to Casho and the little beach. It must have been out of the wind as it seemed quite warm, so Erika and I stopped for a light breakfast thinking I might also get a couple of quick paintings done. This was fine until I began to chill, so after walking through upper Quarff I decided to follow the road up past the Burn of Couster to the top of the hill. What a view! … yup, even saw my husband’s car disappear round a corner and of course no mobile reception to tell him he had just missed me.

An hour later one exhausted little dog, and a rather wabbit walker managed to find some reception approaching Gulberwick. It was about mid-day before I arrived home, so not as much time for the work I had hoped to do, but quite refreshed anyway. Needless to say the dog slept and slept and ….

© Copyright Diane Garrick