Easter Monday 9th April – Walk 15 (B)

Well, just incase you wondered what happened to walk 15(A), it is in the Bonhoga Open, aptly – a walk from Whiteness to Weisdale, but as it was not part of my South to North walk, I decided to leave it out of my blog. Plus, as I was away until yesterday, I haven’t had time to write it up.

Decided to make-up for yesterday by walking today, and started from the middle of Nesting near the Laxfirth junction towards the Laxo junction, not a great distance but didn’t want the tea man to get too fed-up waiting for me. Great day for a walk, wind behind me this week and although it threatened to rain,  didn’t turn to much. One of the quietest walks, I think only two cars passed. Just as well, as there was nowhere off-road to wander, and the hills were too sodden to meander over.

Struck by the number of old deserted croft houses dotted around. I love how these uninhabited traditional houses melt into the landscape, there is something satisfying about stone houses, especially when the building materials have been sourced locally. I suppose keeping some aspects of supply small and local has completely disappeared. The news of the potential 103  –  132 metre high wind turbines getting the go-ahead from the Scottish Office is a little unfortunate – especially for Nesting. Given the massive size of them, they won’t only be extremely visible but they will be extremely noisy. I will have to enjoy as much walking as I can in the next few years before yet another man-made noise joins the environmental soundscape. There is not much of our landscape that escapes human intervention, and sadly it seems increasingly intrusive. Small is beautiful, less is more.


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