Sunday 10th June – Walk 22

Weather dry, cold, a little overcast, a little breezy – more like the Shetland summers we all know. Couldn’t do without my walk and with one or two requests for my sewn maps to fulfill, I decided to continue around the mainland, through some of the east/west places I didn’t cover in my basic north/south route.

This was so much more leisurely, well in my head at least. I started at the East Voe junction at Scalloway and headed towards Trondra, took the side road towards Hjogaland before looping back over the hill onto the main road before the Burra brig.

The Summer flowers are out in force, common butterwort, heath milkwort, lousewort, red campion, kidney vetch, cuckoo flower – I think, and what I thought was tormentil, but now so sure. Some homework here!

This was a very cheery walk, with one or two chuckle moments. A ‘man working’ road sign strategically placed, a poor cockerel plaintively clucking as a sheep dog silently stalked it, and a horse with an Elvis hairdo posing for his photo.

Views east west and north from the top of the hill above Hjogaland provided views of Quarff, Wormadale, Burra, Skeld and a distant silhouette of Foula. Didn’t feel like painting today, just wanted to be outside enjoying the fresh air so I took plenty of pictures with an old cannon SLR only to realise the necessity of a macro lens for close up work. Will have to think about this!

Oh and the Tea Man? Yes, bless him he came with me and we transgressed a little, we had coffee instead!


© Copyright Diane Garrick