Coastal Walks – East Burra circular

28th September.

Decided today that a circular walk might be quite nice – partly because I could not be bothered to: pack and unpack the bike, before driving to the destination, cycling to the start, walking, and then driving back to pick up the cycle.

It was dry after an earlier shower of rain and the there wasn’t too much wind, so I parked at Bridge End and set off over the gate towards New Grunasound. I passed through a field of the most incredible fungi – or they would have been about a week ago – before the wind and rain.

I made good progress along the east coast, with easy walking conditions until I hit the north west tip. There was a noticeable difference in the areas of sphagnum moss and boggy ground, it was a lot wetter and harder to negotiate than  the boggy sections last week, and I didn’t enjoy navigating my way through the hill below the two ‘Heogs’. However, despite this, realising that I had made good time,  I relaxed a little and enjoyed the scenery. One of the signs of  human presence came in the form of an old burnt out car – in the middle of the hill. I can only guess that it had been driven to the top of Easter Heog road and ‘set off ‘ from the top of  the hill. After passing East Hogaland, I was getting better at choosing the correct sheeps gaets to follow and I was soon at ‘The Taing’. I’m sure I came across an old otter trap. Although it was constructed from stone , it bore a similar resemblance to the wooden one I had seen many years ago up at Olnesfirth.

The imposing and brooding Clift Hills across Clift Sound looked a lot better when the sun came out, casting light into the valleys making them much more interesting and less sinister. There had been a few landslides on the steep slopes, but how fresh these were was hard to judge, they could have been made this year or over the last two or three. By now the wind had picked up, but the sun was out and it was still dry, so the walk from here was lovely.

The west of East Burra is far more populated, but despite this I only had to go around two houses that hugged the waterline. It is always interesting to see how people use, look after or neglect their properties, and I passed everything from: – what I can only imagine is the headquarters of the Burra pirates (going by the flag), an interesting sculpture made of beach finds, a nest of large rusty metal buoys and a fence made up of upside down fence posts, rope wire, plastic and an old iron bedstead.

I was pleasantly surprised that the walk only took four and a half hours, but on the other hand, I walked today without stopping as much as I normally do, and my lunch stop was quite brief. A good walk, not too hard.



© Copyright Diane Garrick