Diane Garrick

In 2008 I left the teaching services in order to pursue my dream of becoming a professional artist. Graduating with distinction in Contemporary Textiles through the University of the Highlands and Islands in 2012, I began to explore many new areas of visual and textile art, particularly enjoying experimenting with mixed media and three-dimensional sculptural work.

My love of walking has had the most influence in my work, – wherever I go I sketch, photograph or sound record what is around me. The multi-sensory nature of walking is well known for its restorative powers, so whether: simply standing still to enjoy the ever changing Shetland light, or exploring the sometimes challenging terrain and landscape, or just finding out a little more about Shetland’s natural heritage, walking has become an integral part of my art practice.

The thrill of following a mapped route has impacted on my present textile work where each walk is recorded in stitch. My ambition is to complete my walk around the Shetland coastline. This may take some time!

Walking has also awakened a curiosity about the flora of the Isles. Not having much previous knowledge of Shetland flora, I now spend time on my walks trying to identify the wild flowers with a little help from the flower guides of Walter Scott, David Malcolm, and Sheila Gear. This has inspired me to begin a botanical illustration course with the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens which I am thoroughly enjoying.


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