Botanical drawing and the likes….

Looking forward to the Shetland Nature Festival on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th of July at Sumburgh lighthouse. I have been working on a few pieces to take with me ……

Coastal Walks – Port Arthur, Scalloway – Nesbister

Sob. I was going to start this blog with a string of expletives, because this is one of the most upsetting walks I have been on, I did not feel the usual emotional uplift on this walk that I normally do and I really expected a beautiful walk on the westside. I take the occasional […]

Coastal Walks – Sandsound tae da Brig o’ Weisdale

Sunday was forecast as being dull early in the morning, but brightening as the day went on, and it did just that. A cold start, but I soon warmed up as I climbed uphill to look at the first abandoned croft house of the walk – and there were quite a few. Most were due […]

Coastal Walks – Railsborough to Gletness – Walk 60

10th March 2014 A bright chilly day, and I was ready for a nice brisk walk to blow away those cobwebs. A grand start down the boggy field to the shoreside and a lovely walk along the beach. One of the cleanest beaches I have encountered with the bruk all gathered up. Some wonderfully caring […]

Coastal Walks – Fladabister to Quarff – 27th April

27th April Fladabister to Quarff A bonny day, nice and bright and not too cold with a minimal wind, so decided to take the bike in the car, park at Quarff and cycle to Fladabister then walk to Quarff. Went down to Ukinsetter at the Bay of Okraquoy and sat for ten minutes at a […]

Coastal Walks – East Burra circular

28th September. Decided today that a circular walk might be quite nice – partly because I could not be bothered to: pack and unpack the bike, before driving to the destination, cycling to the start, walking, and then driving back to pick up the cycle. It was dry after an earlier shower of rain and […]

Field Studies Group – 20th April – Westing and Collaster, Unst

I thought it would be wonderfully instructive to go on some accompanied walks. I figured I would learn some new plant names and a lot more about the landscape if these walks were led by people who were more informed about the particular habitats and locations. However, I didn’t learn any flower names on this […]

Edinburgh – Stockbridge Walk 57

Coastal Walks – Gletness to Eswick – Walk 61

30th March 2014 A really fine day, negligible wind and sunny. Although feeling slightly under the weather, I thought a walk to Eswick might clear my head. If time and energy permitted, I would walk round the the headland of Eswick by the Flaach and Croo Geo. I was dropped off by the tea man […]

Coastal Walks – Brunt Hamarsland to Railsbrough – Walk 59

2nd March 2014 Good grief, that was a hard morning’s walk – and cycle. With the weather typically doing it’s own thing, and merrily blowing about a force 7 decreasing to about 6,-  did I not go and decide to use the bike rather than the tea-man to get me from A to B. This […]

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