NLS residency – Week 12 – Final Week

As Tom was still away, and Emily was unwell, I decided to stay at home and work. I also needed to start packing as some of my stuff was going home on Thursday via Shetland Transport, so I had a bit of a mixed day. In between helping Em a little, writing out some worksheets and planning […]

NLS Residency – Week 11 continued…

    Week 11 continued … A rounding up I suppose. After getting my main work hung on the Monday, I slipped back to the library to get some images for the school workshop, however to avoid copyright problems I ended up in the general library.  An armful of  books later –  on old  maps […]

NLS Map Residency – Week 11

15th – 21st April Bit intense this week, upholstering 17 post code districts, each with far too many corners. Ordering mdf  to be delivered hopefully to the National library. Finding paint, and still sewing the last panel and hoping that it will come together. Some panels covered. … and some more   Finally …  

Bonhoga Exhibition

Bonhoga opening – 26th April 6.00 – 8.00 p.m. All welcome

NLS Map Residency – Week 10

8th – 14th April Never so aware of time ticking by as when Tom reminds me! I thought it would be good to let the Map library staff see my Shetland maps as they would be travelling back to Shetland with me this Wednesday – so I took them in on Tuesday and left them […]

NLS Map Residency – Week 9

Monday 1st April – Sunday 7th April Easter Monday being a public holiday, I stayed at Emily’s and sewed all day. Everything seems to be taking longer than I planned and I was a little frustrated with my progress. However I am very pleased with my Shetland maps, they have somehow come alive with the […]

NLS Map Residency – Week 8

25th – 31st  March   A much more productive week, I really enjoyed working this week – perhaps due to  feeling a lot better  –  although it took till Wednesday for my stomach to settle after the boat trip. Monday was a very informative day with a visual impairment workshop at the National Library offices in […]

NLS Map Residency – Week 6 & 7

  11th – 24th March A little walk along the old railway track – now a walkway.   Well the 6th and 7th weeks were not so productive, the bug I picked up over the weekend began to take it’s toll and I spent three or four days trying to keep going. Not feeling like […]

NLS Map Residency – Week 5

Time is flying!              5th – 10th March   A really nice weekend home, was not quite so stressed this time trying to fit everything in. This time Fly-be was only delayed by half an hour, so I got my special time with Dennis  and managed to relax until after […]

Lunchtime walk – 5th March 2013

Lunchtime rendevous with Colin. Stunning day and I had to get some fresh air so decided to get to the top of that volcanic plug. You meet some incredibly nice people when out for a walk!  

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