Walk 39 and 40 – Sunday 30th December and Tuesday 1st January

The walk on Sunday began as a coastal walk round Lerwick, hoping to first round the Ness of Sound. This plan changed as the wind picked up, especially as the sea was quite rough already and south-easterly. This would have meant quite difficult conditions on the narrow banks. Took a short cut up by the […]

Sunday 10th June – Walk 22

Weather dry, cold, a little overcast, a little breezy – more like the Shetland summers we all know. Couldn’t do without my walk and with one or two requests for my sewn maps to fulfill, I decided to continue around the mainland, through some of the east/west places I didn’t cover in my basic north/south […]

Easter Monday 9th April – Walk 15 (B)

Well, just incase you wondered what happened to walk 15(A), it is in the Bonhoga Open, aptly – a walk from Whiteness to Weisdale, but as it was not part of my South to North walk, I decided to leave it out of my blog. Plus, as I was away until yesterday, I haven’t had […]

25th March – Walk 13

Laxfirth to Nesting junction.   Surprising – out of the steekit fog in Lerwick to the swirly light mist (that allows the sun shine through) in Laxfirth. Thought it was 9.00 am, wondered why there were so many people about :P, About force 1-2 and quite warm when the sun managed through. Brilliant walking day. Managed […]

18th March – Walk 12

Scalloway Quarry to Veensgarth – Well, everything actually. Wet, dry, windy, still, sun, hail, cold, rainbows. About force 1 to about 3. Started unsettled and finished under a bright warming sun and blue sky. Walked from west to east at a generally meandering pace. Quite relaxing and enjoyed starting just a little later (9.15 a.m.). […]

11th March – Walk 11

South of Gulberwick to Scalloway – Damp, mild. Medium to strong south-westerly winds  – force 5 up to occasional force 6/7. East to West today, and a bit more sensory immersion this morning. Probably picked up the tail end of last night’s gale, although it wasn’t that bad, it was quite hard work walking into […]

Walk 10 – Fladdabister – South Gulberwick

4th March 2012 North Fladdabister to South Gulberwick – Dry, cold. Variable light winds,  force 2 to about 4.  An early start this morning with the aim to finish with plenty of time to get some work done,  teach, visit Amy and attend evening concert of Sibelius, Britten and Stout. So Erika aboard (but no […]

Walk 8 – Cunningsburgh to Fladdabister

Through Cunningsburgh to Levenwick – February 19th 2012 Occasional snow showers, wind varying from force 1/2 gusting to about 4. A little snow underfoot and icy to begin with.  Started about 10.45 a.m. from North Voxter and ambled along the road towards Aith. Did manage to sketch a couple of times but I didn’t feel […]

Walk 7 – Sandwick to Cunningsburgh

Sandwick to Cunningsburgh – 12th February 2012 Showers, force 1/2. Had an earlier start this morning (about 10.40 a.m.), gave the Brass Band a miss, as I need to focus on my college project more. Had a bit of an ‘iffy’ Friday and beginning to feel a little snowed under with work, so the walk […]

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