Walks 43, 44, 45 ….. are Island walks still waiting to happen ….. Papa Stour, Fair Isle, Vaila not visited due to inclement weather.

Fetlar 2 Circular – Walk 45 – 21st July

Back in Fetlar! This is about four weeks after the first trip and ‘the garden’ has bloomed. Sadly this time the mist did not lift, it would have been a stunning vista with the flowers on show if it had. However, even in the mist, it was stunning;- fields of orchids rather than just one […]

Coastal Walk – Noss Circular – Walk 44 30th June

    Noss – June 30th 2013 Not the best of days weather wise, a little overcast and quite windy but was delighted to be whizzing over the Noss Sound  in a RIB. Only three other people and the warden made the crossing, but with only a short time to circumnavigate the island, I didn’t […]

Fetlar – Walk 43 – 16th June

Wasn’t sure how this walk would work weather wise. I first felt delighted by the sun, then a little disappointed when it became dull, and finally resigned when the mist started to gather. Having risen nice and early to prepare a picnic lunch, hang out a washing, do the dishes, sort out clobber and provide […]

Bressay – Walk 41

South end of Bressay 28th of May It was a good morning to get outside and I didn’t want to disturb the tea man, he hates cliffs – so a solo trip was preferable. I originally thought Noss might be a good idea, but as the wind was light and despite being a little cautious […]

Tuesday – 20th November Walk 36

Bressay ferry terminal to Lighthouse. It was a beautiful morning yesterday (and the day before), so, as the pattern seemed to be going the same way I thought it would be a good idea to try to catch the sun about mid-morning. Busier than I thought I was going to be, I aimed for the […]

Sunday – 4th November Walk 35

Bressay ferry terminal – Heogan – Beosetter – Ferry terminal. Wasn’t sure how long the morning’s lovely weather would last but made sure I caught the 9.00 0’clock ferry to Bressay. As I was walking by myself it was a circuitous route that was to take me round the coastline to Beosetter and back to […]

Wednesday 17th October – Walk 34

Unst – Walk 2 and 3 Hill of Caldback – Skaw The t-man and myself decided to spend a night in Unst so that I could finish this walk without being constrained by a ferry timetable. I expected the walk to take a couple of days, but despite meandering and taking time to sketch. I […]

Sunday 9th September – Walk 32

Unst Walk 1 From Belmont to Hill of Caldback Started out in thick mist from Lerwick, but by the time we arrived in Unst, there was only low cloud cover with hints of blue sky. Had Erika for company today, so I had an excuse to discuss all the issues of the day with her […]

Sunday 14th October – Walk 33

Bressay Walk 1 Bressay Pier – Gunnista – Setter – Pier A round(ish) walk today, setting off on the Ferry at 9.00 am and catching a dullish morning that brightened and provided some wonderful wintery light with the sun doing its best to ‘blue up’ the sky. It was well timed as it just tumed […]

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