Wednesday 10th August Walk 27

Muckle Roe circuit. Fwah. Four hours hill walk. Didn’t do much work when I got home! Zzzzz A lovely walk with Marlene – boy is she fit! Nearly got to the Hams but just a little whacked after clambering up and down hills to try and find a mead, so probably just missed the best […]

Sunday 31st July – Walk 24

Gossabrough junction to Mid Yell. Despite the weather forecast predicting showers in the morning followed by a slightly drier afternoon, I woke up 7.00 am determined to make an early start. I then proceeded to watch the skies darken and the rain fall so vertically I almost felt disoriented. Made an immediate decision to leave […]

Sunday 22nd July – Walk 23

Wet wet wet! Ulsta –  junction at Gossabrough, Yell. Can’t believe it has been over a month since I last walked – and oh boy have I missed it. Chose my day well tho’, the weather forecast was “Cloudy with rain, heavy at times during the morning  ….   Strong F4-7 southerly winds easing through the   […]

Photos from walk 21

Sunday 27th May – Walk 21

Arrived! North Roe, and a stunningly beautiful day. One of the warmest I have encountered in Shetland and still May! What a fulfilling, enjoyable experience this walk has been. I’m totally hooked and this will continue to be part of my art practice for as long as I am able. I have to give a […]

Sunday the 20th May – Walk 20

Junction at Sandy Lochs to the pier at the Brig, North Collafirth. I was hoping the weather would be like yesterday, despite being cold in the shade, warm in the bright May sunshine. Well it was dry today, but not a drop of sun until I finished – then it came out. Still, it wasn’t […]

…and here are the rest!

Some photos from two weeks ago.


Sunday 6th of May – Walk 19

Sullom/Nibbon junction to Sandy Lochs (junction before Eela Water). OK day, supposed to be showery, but ended up sunny all the way. Northerly force 4-ish wind, pretty cold, so back on with the hat. Thought I would go down the Gunnister road and cross the burn over the hill to Enisfirth and back onto the […]

Installation -Artist unknown

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