Wednesday 3rd August – Walk 25

Levenwick Loop This is one of a series of shorter walks covering places I didn’t manage on my South – North route, and I was delighted to have some company from Monica. It wasn’t an overwhelmingly sunny day, but it remained dry and it wasn’t such a long walk. Some beautifully kept croft houses and […]

Walk 10 – Fladdabister – South Gulberwick

4th March 2012 North Fladdabister to South Gulberwick – Dry, cold. Variable light winds,  force 2 to about 4.  An early start this morning with the aim to finish with plenty of time to get some work done,  teach, visit Amy and attend evening concert of Sibelius, Britten and Stout. So Erika aboard (but no […]

Walk 8 – Cunningsburgh to Fladdabister

Through Cunningsburgh to Levenwick – February 19th 2012 Occasional snow showers, wind varying from force 1/2 gusting to about 4. A little snow underfoot and icy to begin with.  Started about 10.45 a.m. from North Voxter and ambled along the road towards Aith. Did manage to sketch a couple of times but I didn’t feel […]

Walk 7 – Sandwick to Cunningsburgh

Sandwick to Cunningsburgh – 12th February 2012 Showers, force 1/2. Had an earlier start this morning (about 10.40 a.m.), gave the Brass Band a miss, as I need to focus on my college project more. Had a bit of an ‘iffy’ Friday and beginning to feel a little snowed under with work, so the walk […]

Walk 6 – Channerwick to Sandwick

5th February 2012 Channerwick to Sandwick – Dry, about a force 3/4 southerly, and started the walk about 12.50 –  due to the brass band finishing early. Wore my wellies for this walk, I  wanted to cross the burn (of Brietoe?) Channerwick, over to the hill at the other side that leads to Hoswick and […]

Walk 5 – Bigton to Channerwick

29th January 2012 From Bigton to Channerwick – Dry, 3 degrees and about a force 4 southerly, so not a bad day at all. Couldn’t resist going down to St.Ninians beach even though the water was over the ayre (so I couldn’t get to the isle). Still I managed to find a neuk out of […]

Walk 4 – Spiggie to Bigton

22nd January 2012 Another fine day! Light breeze and slightly overcast to begin with but soon cleared to give some stunning skies. Just mesmerizing scenery, so I was glad that I started my walk a little earlier. Erica (the dog) and I set off from Spiggie  after looking  at the old boats and an old […]

Walk 3 – Heusbreck to Spiggie

15th January 2012 Third walk and still excited about my perambulations. Starting at Heusbreck, the weather looked as if it might be the same as last week and rather overcast (although a few degrees colder) but after heading towards Spiggie from ‘Mainlands’ shop, it began to brighten a little. Thankfully the wind was light so […]


Walk 2 – Scatsness – Exnaboe – Heusbreck

8th January 2012 Really excited about getting out today for my second walk. I wish I could have started early as the sun rise was really beautiful and it was so still and silent. However Brass band came first, so it was about 1.15 pm before I got going, and by this time it was […]

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