West Burrafirth – Walk 42 – Bousta Sandness Sunday 9th June

Undecided to begin with, I wanted to go to Fetlar – which is possible on a Sunday, I also wanted to finish my walk round Whalsay, as well as visiting the Keen of  Hammar before the flowers are gone … so instead- being a little contrary … I decided to go to the Westside, allowing […]

Staneydale – Gruting …. very short walk

Staneydale Temple, Gruting, Westside. 21st of May As it was one of those promising mornings I thought there was no point of dithering around the garden. After breaking or cracking my toe and feeling a little under the weather generally, I had missed the previous two weeks walking.  A trip and a hobble to the […]

Wednesday 10th August Walk 27

Muckle Roe circuit. Fwah. Four hours hill walk. Didn’t do much work when I got home! Zzzzz A lovely walk with Marlene – boy is she fit! Nearly got to the Hams but just a little whacked after clambering up and down hills to try and find a mead, so probably just missed the best […]

Sunday 7th August – Walk 26

  Uradale to Wester Quarff Decided to have a lighter day as I was a little tired – and went for a hill walk. Ended up being not really very light! At least I was home about 11.00 am … knackered. Parked down by the beach below Uradale farm next to a friendly? herd of […]

Wednesday 3rd August – Walk 25

Levenwick Loop This is one of a series of shorter walks covering places I didn’t manage on my South – North route, and I was delighted to have some company from Monica. It wasn’t an overwhelmingly sunny day, but it remained dry and it wasn’t such a long walk. Some beautifully kept croft houses and […]

Sunday 10th June – Walk 22

Weather dry, cold, a little overcast, a little breezy – more like the Shetland summers we all know. Couldn’t do without my walk and with one or two requests for my sewn maps to fulfill, I decided to continue around the mainland, through some of the east/west places I didn’t cover in my basic north/south […]

Photos from walk 21

Sunday 27th May – Walk 21

Arrived! North Roe, and a stunningly beautiful day. One of the warmest I have encountered in Shetland and still May! What a fulfilling, enjoyable experience this walk has been. I’m totally hooked and this will continue to be part of my art practice for as long as I am able. I have to give a […]

Sunday the 20th May – Walk 20

Junction at Sandy Lochs to the pier at the Brig, North Collafirth. I was hoping the weather would be like yesterday, despite being cold in the shade, warm in the bright May sunshine. Well it was dry today, but not a drop of sun until I finished – then it came out. Still, it wasn’t […]

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