Coastal Walks – East Burra circular

28th September. Decided today that a circular walk might be quite nice – partly because I could not be bothered to: pack and unpack the bike, before driving to the destination, cycling to the start, walking, and then driving back to pick up the cycle. It was dry after an earlier shower of rain and […]

Coastal Walks – Mainland – Walk 42 – June 9th 2013

  West Burrafirth to Sandness – 9th June 2013 Ha!  Based on the mean high water mark, Dr Lorraine Gray has estimated the Shetland coastlines is 1,697 miles long. That means at an average of 5 miles per walk, I am going to have to do 339 more walks in order to cover the coastline. […]

West Burrafirth – Walk 42 – Bousta Sandness Sunday 9th June

Undecided to begin with, I wanted to go to Fetlar – which is possible on a Sunday, I also wanted to finish my walk round Whalsay, as well as visiting the Keen of  Hammar before the flowers are gone … so instead- being a little contrary … I decided to go to the Westside, allowing […]

Staneydale – Gruting …. very short walk

Staneydale Temple, Gruting, Westside. 21st of May As it was one of those promising mornings I thought there was no point of dithering around the garden. After breaking or cracking my toe and feeling a little under the weather generally, I had missed the previous two weeks walking.  A trip and a hobble to the […]

Walk 37 – Sunday 25th November

Three hour walk. Light wind, cloudy and cold. Should have been on Whalsay, but being a little slow at 7.30 on Sunday Morning, we  missed the ferry by about two minutes. Not to be, deterred I said goodbye to Dennis at Voe and took off for Aith, after arranging a later rendezvous and a date with a […]

Sunday 7th August – Walk 26

  Uradale to Wester Quarff Decided to have a lighter day as I was a little tired – and went for a hill walk. Ended up being not really very light! At least I was home about 11.00 am … knackered. Parked down by the beach below Uradale farm next to a friendly? herd of […]

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